Briefly about SYPWAI – history, directors, features

SYPWAI was established on January 22, 2019. It was founded by TheNeurosphere, with Ngo Bao Chau, Abdigani Diriye acting as directors.

Sypwai team

This platform performs artificial intelligence training. Feature set testing was completed in October last year. Since then, the platform has been available to the general audience. It works based on two algorithms – general and special. Anyone can participate in the first one, and people with skills in a particular area can participate in the second one.

The company establishment history

TheNeurosphere decided to get involved in the neural networks development and study. Machine training and other recognition using special algorithms are also considered. The company’s portfolio has a huge number of projects, but the most famous is the artificial intelligence training project. It makes it possible to successfully optimize resource usage, production, emissions. In addition, this platform assists in finding the right composition, design, size of the end product. In turn, it helps small businesses and large corporations to significantly reduce costs, saving a considerable amount of money.

In order for the SYPWAI platform to be useful, an investment in this development was required. The Lifeasapa decided to make a financial commitment to this project. It has been known to invest in small startups in order to gain commercial benefits. Typically, the investment budget can start with a few hundred thousand dollars and can reach tens of millions.

What is the global purpose of the development

The main purpose of the development is to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. With its help, there is an opportunity to significantly save the resources of various enterprises, as well as to optimize production process. At the same time, the SYPWAI platform is able to solve global problems at the highest level. The fact is that this development helps to successfully solve various important issues. For example, it can have a positive effect on the amount of electricity consumed, as a result of which the costs are optimized. It can quickly solve other tasks of varying complexity.

In addition, the competent use of this development can simplify the production of prostheses. AI makes it possible to select the optimal amount of materials required, a suitable composition. The management plans not to stop, but to speed up the development of artificial intelligence in other areas, such as robotization and autopiloting, and they want to do it in the nearest future.

Sypwai latest news

Examples of the advantageous SYPWAI AI platform usage are numerous. Today, the project just began to develop; it will not be long before it is in demand and widespread. Even now the people who have already used the services of the young company have seen its effectiveness from their own experience.

The best experts around the world and ordinary people who take part in the research help to achieve their goals. This helps to make people’s lives easier, to improve the processes on which they largely depend. Unique information technology contributes to the solution of complex and simple tasks in the shortest possible time and with the help of different people.

Design, operation principle and technologies used

SYPWAI platform opeartes based on a complex principle, has an intricate design, but it is simple to understand the principle of its use. You should follow this algorithm.

  1. Purchase a device.
  2. Download the official app.
  3. Scan QR-code.
  4. Get detailed instructions from the company manager on how to work with artificial intelligence and databases.

You can work from any device, for example from a computer, tablet or phone. In other words, every user now has the opportunity to earn extra money from any place.

An important advantage – the data channel is fully encrypted. This eliminates the possibility that it will be replaced, intercepted, or data will be stolen. The probability of such a thing is close to zero, thanks to innovative technologies, unique developments and well-organized work of professionals.

Another important detail – no changes can be made to the device code. SYPWAI platform is additionally secured, guaranteeing the efficient performance of the assigned tasks and excluding any problems and crashes in the system.

The fully virtual or online design of the platform eliminates the need for people to be physically located in offices or in a particular place. Unique technologies simplify the work and make the SYPWAI platform usage possible for people from every corner of the world. This is deliberately made to increase the efficiency as well as give people an extra chance to earn money (provided they get the job done right).

Examples of training and results of integrating data into enterprises

This is the first time neural network training will be done with so many participants. This comes from solving different types of tasks, ranging from the selection of any of the required images and ending with solving a problem of increased complexity.

Partly, the SIPWAY platform resembles existing applications, but differs in more complex functionality, the involvement of a large number of users.

The essence is to set a specific task for all users. To do this, notifications about the new machine training project are sent to their personal accounts. There are different types of tasks. Some of them are solved in a simple way, that is, the general algorithm. The difference is that there is no need for any special skills. Anyone can take part in such kind of training. You have to choose a simple answer, for example, to find an image that shows an owl or the letter “B”, etc. Other tasks are more complicated and specialized. Their solution requires the use of a special algorithm. The selection among users is carried out for the participation in this algorithm. It consists of several tests – IQ test and professional test in a certain sphere.

The correct result of machine training is considered the one that was selected by the majority of users. After that, all the participants who gave the correct answer receive money. In practice, things get even simpler. When first performing tasks on any gadget, the manager explains everything and helps to understand the details, especially at the initial testing stage. This allows you to avoid problems and to get payment for the time spent. If you have any questions or recommendations for improvement, you can always contact the support team.

How to participate in the program

If you want to take part in neural network training, it is available in test mode. You will need a referral link to do this. To get it, you need to contact your regional manager, who will:

  • register the user;
  • acquaint him with the basic working features and tools;
  • answer his questions or provide guidance on how the program operates in general.

The program is not yet finished. It has not yet been disclosed when access will be granted. First, the management has decided to analyze the data sent in by first participants.

The SIPWAY platform management says that this is done to prevent possible operational errors and flaws. They plan to eliminate them during the test phase, so that nothing would interfere with the platform operation later. Those participants who will be the first to try their hand at neural networks training can use any device to enter the platform. Their results will be thoroughly checked to make sure they are correct and performed properly.

In the future the program will be available to all users from any device. There will be two algorithms to work with. One of them is general. It will be applicable to each user, regardless of gender, social status or skills. The second algorithm is a special one. To take part in it, you will need to have skills in a particular area, such as economics, medicine, programming, etc. Then all the results will be collected and the right answer will be chosen based on the most frequent answer, and users receive income for this work.