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  • My New Favorite Toy: A Cordless Vacuum

    Morphy Richards 732000

    Hello – I hope you had a good Christmas period!

    Mine was the usual mix of fun, stress and anxiously looking the other way while my family bickers. In other words, the average Christmas!

    The good news is that a VERY good friend decided to splash out on me this Christmas and buy me a new cordless vacuum – namely the Morphy Richards 732000. He was very generous to do so, as he knew I had been looking up cordless vacuums for AGES (mainly on here but also elsewhere).

    And I LOVE it!

    I’m the type of person who enjoys trying to make everything efficient. I hate waste…especially wasted TIME. Hoovering the house always used to be such a chore, as my old vac had such a short cord that I was constantly needing to move it (not to mention tripping over it).

    The Morphy Richards gets rid of all that ridiculousness. It lasts much longer than I thought on a single charge and is also more powerful than I expected.

    Sure, it’s not the best or most expensive cordless vacuum. I also still need to occasionally get out the bigger vacuum when I want a deeper clean. But for everyday cleaning it’s amazing!

    What are the Benefits of a Cordless Vacuum?

    If you’ve never used a cordless hoover before you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. Here’s why I think everyone should own one in 2017:

    • They don’t have a cord (surprise surprise). This makes it much easier to get them around your house and also makes cleaning quicker.
    • They are better for cleaning higher places and many have a detachable handheld. The Morphy Richards has this and it’s amazing how much easier cleaning becomes.
    • They have a much better battery life than they used to. Unless you have a huge home, you probably don’t need to worry about recharging during a single clean.

    It could be that I’m just excited because it’s a new toy – but I really think I’ll be using this handy machine for a long time.

    Have you got a cordless vacuum? Do you think it’s worth the money? And are you as excited about it as I am? Hit me up in the comments!